What We Do

Mediation allows separating couples an opportunity for a confidential, structured negotiation that best suits their particular circumstances.  All aspects of family law can be explored through this process.  Our goal is to reach a customized agreement which will be approved by the court system.

Property division, financial planning, and parenting plans are included in divorce mediation services.  We assist you by completing and filing all required court paperwork including those tiresome financial statements. We prepare a customized, executed, and notarized separation agreement.  We also guide and support you during any court appearances at your request.

Custody mediations include the filing of all paperwork, financial statements, and child support guideline calculations.  We are happy to work with the family therapist or group of your choice if necessary.

We understand that every family is different, and we strive to make sure your particular disputes are amicably solved.  The Massachusetts Mediation Group will help you assess your needs and create an action plan based on the situation at hand.  We do not accept a retainer.  Our rates are by the hour and your time with us is within your control.  We have extensive connections and experience working with all major Massachusetts Family and Probate Court Systems.

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