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Virginia Crocker

Virginia Crocker is a Rule 8 certified divorce mediator in Massachusetts.  She graduated from Suffolk Law School and has a BA from the University of Maine.

Virginia’s experience includes both divorce litigation and mediation.  Her coursework focused on Family Law, Mediation and ADR.  Her internships ranged from nonprofit mediation centers to small Family Law firms and Greater Boston Legal Services.  Virginia completed a clinic in Domestic Violence law in 2011.  She’s logged countless hours in the courtroom and around the mediation table, and believes strongly that couples who choose mediation rather than litigation make better decisions for their families and their futures.


We’re pleased to welcome Katie D’Agostine to The Massachusetts Mediation Group!  A full profile of Katie is to come.  Katie will be available for solo mediation, partnered mediations with Virginia, and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, a MWI certified family mediator, and volunteer Counsel at Boston Legal Services.


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